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Starr Washington is a forever young thirty something entrepreneur at heart who is going through the journey of digging herself out of financial bondage while helping others do the same. With a love for trap music, Cocktails, and Jesus you will feel like you’re chatting with an old friend as she drops knowledge, tips, and guidance she has obtained on her journey to financial success on WTFinance!

Dating and Money

The #1 reason the dissolution of most relationships is finances. In this episode Starr talks on the time the talk of finances should be brought into the relationship, her story of dealing with love and finance, and poses questions that should be considered to help better navigate the landscape of dating and finances.

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Building For Your Future

Starr gives you information on building your personal finance. Schooling you on what you should be working towards for the future to achieve your financial goals.

Money Saving Apps

Starr is back with great list of apps that can help you begin achieving some of your financial goals. Along with some great money saving tips to apply when spoiling yourself.

Digit –
Mint –

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Get to know what motivated Starr Washington to cultivate a passion in helping other. Hear the trials that led her to a point of what she thought was no return, the habits she developed leading her to a financial awakening.

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Introducing a new show here on the SayWHA Radio network. What The Finance, hosted by Starr Washington. Listen to new episodes on Wednesdays here on the SayWHA Radio Network.