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Starr Washington is a forever young thirty something entrepreneur at heart who is going through the journey of digging herself out of financial bondage while helping others do the same. With a love for trap music, Cocktails, and Jesus you will feel like you’re chatting with an old friend as she drops knowledge, tips, and guidance she has obtained on her journey to financial success on WTFinance!

Student Loans

Over 2.8 million 60 year olds owe student loan debt and many will be making payments until the day they die. Starr discusses why so many black women have student loans and ways to avoid the dreaded wage garnishment.

Use What You Have

Fry fish, babysit, shake your tail if you have to! Use what you have now to get where you want to go. Starr realizes she has more time than she thought to work on her goals and after a shitty day decides it’s not time to leave her day job.

Drowning by Wealth

Excuses are like elbows. Everyone has one. What happens when you have the best intentions to get what you want but do not follow through? Starr learns that if she wants to get to the top she needs to take every excuse that she has drown them!

What The Retirement

To live well in retirement, you no longer can rely solely on wishing, hitting the lottery, a company pension plan or Social Security. Listen as Starr goes over the ways she learned to plan for your retirement.

Sex and Money

Listen as Starr discusses how she learned about the power of residual income as a phone sex operator and shares quick and easy tips on how to start investing

Money Is Energy

When money is earned, spent, saved and given consciously, it reflects what we value most. Listen to Starr as she recounts the time she realized the far reaching effects money can have on you, things yous should do to cultivate your energy and more on WTFianance.

F**k Fear

How many times have you actually taken a leap of faith without fear? Of those times how many more times did you not even try something because of fear? Sit down with Starr as she details stories of times she was afraid to step our on faith and retells a story she was able to help a friend to believe in them self. Because in the end your dreams can’t work unless you do, so F**k Fear!

Home Buying Experience

Starr covers her home buying experience, giving tips on what you should and should not expect to avoid the missteps she has experience when purchasing a home.