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SayWHA Radio is a podcast of life long friends discussing the things going on in the world today. Kinda like “The Daily Show meets Friends”. JustN, Taz, Dre D, Dre T, Marco and McCoy have new episodes of on SayWHA Radio Wednesdays !…

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Nike, Pluto and Hairy Tongue? – Headlines #191

Dre D, Dre T , Justice and Taz go over the news making headlines since we have been off the past couple of weeks. Such as:

Cardi B ad Nicki Fight

Kapernik and Nike

Pluto is a planet?

2 Funerals and Vice President? #190

Dre D, Dre T, Justice and Taz are back with Headlines we missed while we were away. From Aretha’s Funeral Season 1, the passing of John McCain, Childish Gambino new video “Feels Like Summer”, Eminem’s surprise album drop, Floriduh Foolishness and what does the Vice President do? Everyone on SayWHA Radio is college educated professionals but we were all stumped by this question. Send us your answers on Social Media or comment. Please educate us. #WhatDoesTheVicePresidentDo

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Real Talk w The Other Guys #189

Justice, Dre D, Dre T, Marco and McCoy 5 life long friends talk about the news making headlines from around the world and give our satirical take. Giving you gut busting laughs while dropping knowledge.

What's The Real Problem Donald?? – Headlines #188

Justice, Taz, Dre D, Dre T, and Brother Jules talk on the news making headlines for the week of June 24, 2018:

White Woman Threatened To Call Cops On 8-Year-Old Girl Selling Water

Florida Man Arrested After Vulgarly Telling Kids at Playground Where Babies Come From

Arkansas thief tried paying waitress with her own stolen credit card

Melania wore a jacket to meet children separated at the border that says “I don’t care”

Florida woman shoots husband in testicles

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Wha Finals?? – Headlines #187

Justice and The Other Guys talk about the news making headlines for the week of June 10th 2018:

NBA Finals review

Kim Kardashian called Alice Johnson in prison to tell her she would be freed – CNN

Current and former players react to Guy In The White House calling off Eagles’ White House visit

Florida Didn’t Run FBI Background Checks on Gun Buyers for a Year Because of a Forgotten Login

Monkey in diaper found clinging to Florida man in stolen car, police say

Morgan Freeman, The NFL and Katanas – Headlines #186

Justice and the other guys tackle the news making headlines for the week of May 27, 2018. Like:

Trump leaves mark on NFL’s new protest policy

Janet Mock Recalls Interview With Morgan Freeman: “All He Did the Entire Time Was Look at My Legs”

Man in wheelchair injures Winter Haven officers with sword, police say

Dating Justice Vol 3.

Justice tells stories of the sitcom-like nature that is her dating life to Phoenix (Host of Life as P…) while giving commentary like only she can. In this weeks episode, what could possibly go wrong in an ice cream shop? Should we blame Dan? The Royal wedding was exquisite and has Justice met an actual quality prospect? Sit back and enjoy the tales of what it’s like Dating Justice.

Oh Chris Brown, This Is America – Headlines #185

Justice and the other guys tackle the news making headlines for the week of May 6, 2018. Like:

Woman Says She Was Sexually Assaulted at Chris Brown’s Home in Civil Lawsuit

Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Challenging For No. 1 Hot 100 Debut Next Week

Charles Barkley and Shaq made up after their heated on-air argument

Fugitive arrested in Winter Haven after hiding in plastic storage container

Florida grandma, 95, sent to jail for slapping granddaughter with a

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