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SayWHA Radio is a podcast of life long friends discussing the things going on in the world today. Kinda like “The Daily Show meets Friends”. JustN, Taz, Dre D, Dre T, Marco and McCoy have new episodes of on SayWHA Radio Wednesdays !…

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Every week on SayWHA Radio we give you our uncensored opinion on everything and this week will be no different on thetopic “Stereotypes”. In today’s world no matter how hard we try we can not seem to escape the first snap judgement. You meet someone on the street and despite knowing them on a personal level you judge them right off the bat. Why? Now when you hear stereotype the first thing you may think is racial but there are relationship stereotypes, work, stereotypes, social

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Single VS. Married

“Single VS. Married”. Everybody is looking for love. Some find it in the clubs with a different dish every night others find in the companion they want to spend the rest of their life with. But with the divorce rate in this country well over 50% yet everyday people seem to still take that plunge into “Till Death Do Us Part” so is marriage all that its cracked up to be? But what makes the single life so much better? We will talk about this and more so tune in and give us your

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