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SayWHA Radio is a podcast of life long friends discussing the things going on in the world today. Kinda like “The Daily Show meets Friends”. JustN, Taz, Dre D, Dre T, Marco and McCoy have new episodes of on SayWHA Radio Wednesdays !…

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Politically Incorrect

Did you rally think we let the election season go by without getting in some SayWHA flavor. There is no way to escape it. It’s on every channel you turn to someone is talking about the impending Presidential Election. But we wouldn’t be who we are if we just say around talking about social issues. Sooooo we are just going to talk about the candidate themselves. Also as always we will keep you abreast of the the things news from around the world with the SayWHA Headlines.

Vent Wednesday

“Vent Wednesday”. It’s about that time again folks! What’s grinding your gears right now? Wanna kick Tony Romo’s ass? Did your iPhone 5 Maps lead you to Oz when you wanted Starbucks? People taking your kindness for weakness? Or you just got some random is you wanna get off your chest? Well, we want to hear from you, so hit us up on the listener line and tell us about it So We will talk about this and more so tune in

SayWHA Headlines

SayWHA Radio will be LIVE Wednesday, September 26, 2012 @ 8:00 pm CST/9:00 PM EST!!! SayWHA Radio is back from vacation BIGGER and BETTER than ever and this weeks topic is”SayWHA Headlines”. The Emmys took place on Sunday, iPhone5 mania is happening, Texans are 3-0 and so much more has happened, so we are giving you an ENTIRE SHOW of headlines. We will talk about this and more so tune in and give us your feedback through the SayWHA Radio chat or CALL US LIVE ON THE AIR on the

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“SMH?”. If you have been listening to SayWHA Radio from day 1 you know that sometimes we aren’t all there, and this week will be no different. We will let you know some of the most rachet SMH stories we have encountered or been apart of thereby making us worthy to be the hosts of SayWHA Radio. So come listen, laugh and pretty much SMH at us as we give you some of our and other hosts embarrassing moments.

"Battle of The Sexes: Who Needs Who?"

“Battle of The Sexes: Who Needs Who?”. This is a series we will delve into this week and since this is an age old discussion that will not be answered in one hour so we decided to make the topic a series.First episode of the series being “Do men need men more than women need men?” Which sex brings more to the table in terms of a happy life when it comes to relationships? Does one sex have to have all the power or can we all just get along?

ALMOST Newlywed Game

“ALMOST Newlyweds Game”. With Relationships the cornerstone of our society and there are so few good relationships to set examples for others we here at SayWHA Radio want to nurture, cultivate, and exploit those great relationships every chance we get. So we will be putting our resident “Happy Couples” in the hot seat for the “SayWHA Radio ALMOST Newlyweds Game”. We will putting the couples knowledge of each other to the test for our benefit and entertainment.

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Red or Blue Pill??

Last week we began a discussion on reality shows and as usual our resident militant “B” had a PLENTY to say about the reigning royal family of reality TV, about it being unrealistic. So it got me to thinking……what exactly is REALITY? Considering some of the headlines we have delivered on this show and some the the experiences we have had ourselves how is any of that different than what is portrayed as reality TV? Do many of us not know a crazy woman who has slashed a few tires

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Every week on SayWHA Radio we give you our uncensored opinion on everything and this week will be no different on thetopic “Stereotypes”. In today’s world no matter how hard we try we can not seem to escape the first snap judgement. You meet someone on the street and despite knowing them on a personal level you judge them right off the bat. Why? Now when you hear stereotype the first thing you may think is racial but there are relationship stereotypes, work, stereotypes, social

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