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SayWHA Radio is a podcast of life long friends discussing the things going on in the world today. Kinda like “The Daily Show meets Friends”. JustN, Taz, Dre D, Dre T, Marco and McCoy have new episodes of on SayWHA Radio Wednesdays !…

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WTF Show

We are back after a brief hiatus bringing you a full show of the crazy and ratchet headlines from the past couple weeks

The Worldwide Epidemic: Stupidity

It seems like more and more the human race make advances in technology, medicine, mathematics, science and other great things that lead you to believe we are leaps and bounds beyond our ancestors. Then you are meet people that make you question how they have lived so long without serious injury. Common Sense is so rare it should be classified as a superpower. We will delve into this topic as well as hitting you with the Headlines from around the world.

The Parenthood

The Parenthood

The WTF Show

While the ladies are away the Other Guys will play! SayWHA Radio is back with the Other Guys taking over this week giving you headlines and something to LMAO


We are going over everything that went down last week at the Superbowl. Including the commercials, performances, the game, blackout, and all. Oh this is gonna be fun…….recap SayWHA style!

"SUPER" Episode

"SUPER" Episode

Guns? How Many Of Us Have Them……

Gun Control. With all the recent news coverge and incidents surrounding guns and how to solve the problem, the hosts of SayWHA Radio had to throw their 2 cents in.


SayWHA Radio is back for 2013 with new headlines, topics, and more stuff to keep you rolling.