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SayWHA Radio is a podcast of life long friends discussing the things going on in the world today. Kinda like “The Daily Show meets Friends”. JustN, Taz, Dre D, Dre T, Marco and McCoy have new episodes of on SayWHA Radio Wednesdays !…

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It's a Birdbox Fyre! # 199

Join us as we discuss the movie that took the world by storm at the end of 2018, Birdboxx, and the Netflix Documentary everyone is talking about Fyre: The Festival That Never Happened.

Friends, 2019 and Headlines #197

SayWHA Radio is back for the 99 and the 2000….Yeah no. For the new year we’re talking resolutions, friendships, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and of course R.Kelly.

This show will be a 2 part episode. So be sure to check out part 2 next week.

Quick Update #196

Justice gives a quick update for the news making headlines for the week of 12/23/18

Government Shutdown

Man has not showered in 12 years

Woman Charges family for Christmas Lunch


Has Kanye Seen The Light? – Headlines #194

Kanye West recently recanted his previous delving into politics. Does this mean he has seen the light?

Find out as Justice, Taz, and The Other Guys discuss this and the news making headlines from around the world like:

Man gropes woman on plane because the president says he can
Woman stabs boyfriend with clock

Oh my!

Black Friday and Headlines #195

Justice, Jules, Dre D and Dre T talk about the news making news making headlines from around the work for Black Friday 2018.

Where is the Arby's ? – Headlines #193

Justice, Taz and Tha Other Guys go over the news making headlines for the week of 10/14/18:

Arby’s buys Sonic

Melania visits Africa

The White House Resident boards Air Force One with tissue stuck to his shoe

Woman Falsely Accuses 9 yr Old of Sexual Assault

Florida woman says she accidentally killed husband after slipping on dog poop

Florida Cop Was Arrested 3 Times, Fired 6 Times, And Is Now Back On Patrol

Interview with Phoenix Ash #192

Justice sits down and interview author Phoenix Ash on her new book “Soiled Sheets” available on Amazon and kindle unlimited.

Nike, Pluto and Hairy Tongue? – Headlines #191

Dre D, Dre T , Justice and Taz go over the news making headlines since we have been off the past couple of weeks. Such as:

Cardi B ad Nicki Fight

Kapernik and Nike

Pluto is a planet?

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