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SayWHA Radio is a podcast of life long friends discussing the things going on in the world today. Kinda like “The Daily Show meets Friends”. JustN, Taz, Dre D, Dre T, Marco and McCoy have new episodes of on SayWHA Radio Wednesdays !…

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Vent Wednesday 12/17/14

Technical difficulties took us off the air last week, but we’re back with Vent Wednesday. As always we will keep you rolling with the crazy headlines from around the world. Like:
Sony Hack

Woman bails someone out of jail with stolen credit card

Bradenton woman arrested after fight with twin sister over vibrator, boyfriend

Worldstar Questions

Cops vs. The World – HEADLINES #99 12/3/14

WE’RE BACK!! So alot has happened and we have alot to go over. From AMA awards,Bill Cosby, Chris Rock’s Hollywood is a “White Industry” essay, Ray Rice decision overturned, Star Wars trailer, Ferguson, to our favorite state FloriDUH! We’re giving you a full show off headlines.

Group Therapy: Money and Family

What doesn’t mix with family, friends, or business? Money! Seems to be everyone knows that if money is involved, there will be a problem. Whether you are getting it, need it, or want it money changes people. We will also keep you rolling with the SayWHA Headlines from around the world. Such as:

Abuse Charges Against Bill Cosby

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Fighting Cops In Taco Bell Drive-Thru

Man Steals Bulldozer For Ride Home, Leaves Destruction In His Wake

German man blows himself

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A Guy Ended Up in the Hospital by Trying to Vacuum His Flatulence So the House Wouldn’t Smell

Headlines 11/12/14

We are giving you an entire show of headlines that will keep you rolling. Such as:

Man sticks chainsaw down shorts in Port St. Lucie

Man Breaks Into Maine Flower Shop By Accident

Kim Kardashian Will Definitely Break The Internet With Her Nude Paper Magazine Cover

Brevard man offers chicken dinner for sex, is arrested

Khloe Kardashian Instagram’s Trashy KKK Joke

Woman Finds Stranger In House, Eating Her Cookie Dough

The Sellout Episode

We’ll be talking about the topic of “Selling Out”. Oh yeah we are going there. We will also keep you rolling with the SayWHA Headlines from around the world. Like:

Man Claims to Be Denzel Washington During Arrest

Man Busted With 500 Pairs of Stolen Panties

Megan Hoelting Allegedly Tries To Force Fellatio

Spooky Halloween Show # 97 10/29/14

Join us if you dare for the Spooky Halloween show! We’ll share tales of fright to get you ready for Halloween night! So tell your friends, family, strangers, haters and all to join us for the spookiest Halloween episode of them all

Hot Potato, "Extreme Shopping", and 1500 yr Prison sentence… – Headlines #96 10/22/14

We’ve been off for a couple of weeks and it seems like all hell broke loose during that time. So we’re jumping on to the hot topics going on in the world right now. Like:

Couple sentenced to 1500 years….

Woman gets stuck in ex-boyfriends chimney

500-pound Suspect Doesn’t Fit Into Florida Patrol Car

Colombian Woman Who Put Potato in Vagina for Contraception Hospitalized after it Grew Roots

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Cemetery Hopes 5K Race Will Draw New Customers

Barnabas Davis

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The Other Guys: Sports Center Edition

Tonight The Other Guys are taking over with a show all about Sport. We will also keep you rolling with the SayWHA Headlines from around the world. Like:

Man stole a cellphone, tried to sell it back to victim

Ebola Patient Told Hospital He Came From Liberia

Man Calls Police Because Flies Are In His Kitchen

Woman Spends A Month In Jail After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs For Meth

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