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Stemming from a block in Brooklyn, New York, Phoenix Ash is a writer/editor/podcaster currently residing with her husband in Delaware. She is the life examining blogger of the sometimes funny and at times heartfelt, but always authentic, Life As P Knows It. Her short story, “Lose to Win,” was published under the name Lana Avenue, as part of the 2009 Nikki Tuner Presents, Backstage. She’s contributed short stories to the story site, Chronicle Corner as well as the online business journal, Forefront Magazine. Phoenix also wrote, directed, scored and filmed an original web mini-series, Saved By The Blood, about a misguided teen headed for single parenthood to be viewed on YouTube. In all that she is, no matter the platform, Phoenix explores the power and investigates the vulnerabilities of her feminine experience.

Long Neck Bottles

Avenue Song

The Math On Sacrifice

Do you find yourself disappointed with all you’ve lost in your passion pursuit? Tired of losing time and people? Feel like you’re going in circles? Our host, Phoenix Ash knows these struggles all too well. Tune in as she walks through her solutions. You just might find something that works for you.

When You Receive It

Don’t know why your blessing hasn’t arrived? Can’t figure out why you’re stuck in a rut? We’ve all been there. Listen in as Phoenix explores what the problem could be and what she’s found to be key in understanding the why.

Year of Consistency

You ever get frustrated with the lack of results from your efforts? Lose steam because nothing seems to be working? Phoenix definitely has. Listen in as she proposes how to get over the hump. It’s sure to re-energize your grind.

What I Won’t Do For Love

Can’t figure out why you’re not being supported? Doing any and everything to get folks to act supportive? Tune in as Phoenix explores discomforting marketing and how she addresses her own struggle.

Right Size Opportunity

Have you been playing it small? Overcompensating for your gratefulness? Minimizing your worth for the sake of a chance? Get with Phoenix as she talks you out of the guilt and into your calling.

What Do You Do With Balance?

Are you chasing balance? Have you ever achieved it? Phoenix asks as she too is chasing. However, tune in to hear her insights on whether she believes it’s unattainable and what she’d do with it. You may find you’ve asked yourself the very same questions.

Invest in Your Self-Esteem

Worried about being able to afford services that you feel may better your life? Don’t have the time to do your research or to invest in the life you’ve always wanted? Consider these things an investment in your self-esteem. Would that make you find a way? Would it change the value? Tune in to Phoenix Ash giving her tidbits about these special investments.

Must You Be So Realistic

Do you have a dream that you’re too afraid to label your passion? Are you stuck thinking about the laughs, the absurdity, being too far…

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