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Stemming from a block in Brooklyn, New York, Phoenix Ash is a writer/editor/podcaster currently residing with her husband in Delaware. She is the life examining blogger of the sometimes funny and at times heartfelt, but always authentic, Life As P Knows It. Her short story, “Lose to Win,” was published under the name Lana Avenue, as part of the 2009 Nikki Tuner Presents, Backstage. She’s contributed short stories to the story site, Chronicle Corner as well as the online business journal, Forefront Magazine. Phoenix also wrote, directed, scored and filmed an original web mini-series, Saved By The Blood, about a misguided teen headed for single parenthood to be viewed on YouTube. In all that she is, no matter the platform, Phoenix explores the power and investigates the vulnerabilities of her feminine experience.

Long Neck Bottles

Avenue Song

Episode #10

Phoenix is back keep you up to date on the latest in TV , music and her Life as P.

Episode #9

Lunch with Phoenix as she recalls the latest craziness in her life, being catfished by a so-called preacher all while keeping her head up….

Episode #8

Phoenix is back at for the new year! Bringing you stories from her holidays and her outlook for the new year.

Episode#7 60East Interview

Phoenix Ash sits down with rapper, director, writer 60East ( to talk about how he came to aha moment of wanting…

Episode# 6

Life as P , better known as Phoenix, is new show about how P navigates the world around her. From family, to life, to what you should be…

Episode# 5

Catch up with Phoenix as she reviews the latest music, gives her take on Christmas shopping and life as P…

Episode# 4

Phoenix and her special guest host, Kyle, take you along on there most recent adventure for what they thought would be a “writing seminar”…


Life with P is back with episode 3! Catch up with your girl Phoenix, as she gives her take on the corporate Thanksgiving Day takeover,…

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