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Stemming from a block in Brooklyn, New York, Phoenix Ash is a writer/editor/podcaster currently residing with her husband in Delaware. She is the life examining blogger of the sometimes funny and at times heartfelt, but always authentic, Life As P Knows It. Her short story, “Lose to Win,” was published under the name Lana Avenue, as part of the 2009 Nikki Tuner Presents, Backstage. She’s contributed short stories to the story site, Chronicle Corner as well as the online business journal, Forefront Magazine. Phoenix also wrote, directed, scored and filmed an original web mini-series, Saved By The Blood, about a misguided teen headed for single parenthood to be viewed on YouTube. In all that she is, no matter the platform, Phoenix explores the power and investigates the vulnerabilities of her feminine experience.

Long Neck Bottles

Avenue Song

Turn Here (Lost Episode)


Phoenix’s world is evolving, or at least that’s what she thinks. Listen in as she shares what’s changing about her and why it’s important to speak up for yourself.

Can’t Put Your Finger On It

Our host, Phoenix Ash recognizes not everyone can call themselves a passion chaser. Especially if you aren’t quite sure what your passion really is. Tune in to hear what she has to say about that and what she recommends as a tool to discover the dreams within.

The Gift Wears Off

Ever been treated like you should be happy you were given an opportunity? Low balled on that money in exchange for a chance? Have you done it to someone else? Our host, Phoenix Ash has been on both sides. Find out what she truly thinks about it and what she’s gotten out of it. You don’t want to miss this!

Sometimes All That Is Just Jazz

Upfront money is the best, isn’t it? Or those benefits you couldn’t you scored. What about that huge increase in salary? Well Phoenix loves it too, but she discovered in one too many situations that those benefits were requiring a sacrifice. Tune in and find out how she flipped the script.

Does It Take Bamboozling?

How do you stretch yourself? When it happens, is it your doing and is it purposeful? Join Phoenix as she uncovers why she constantly feels tricked into situations and the unexpected gifts she receives from them.

Realize With Real Eyes

What’s it like to reap your good sowing? Do you know? Do you recognize your hopes and desires coming into fruition in the moment or is it only in hindsight? Kick it with our host, Phoenix Ash to see what she’s found.

Know Enough To Not Be Threatened

What is it that’s got you feeling so intimidated? Why don’t you feel like you qualify to speak up or seek the company of those you admire? Listen in as our host, Phoenix Ash shares how she broke free and became bold enough to introduce herself.

Can’t Cookie-Cut Passion

Have you scrolled though you social media timelines and felt inadequate? Read through pages of advice and signs of success only to feel like you don’t measure up? Join Phoenix as she confesses her own struggles and what she’s come to realize. It just may be the encouragement you need.

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