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This is where the F.I.T Hits the fan. Justice takes you along on her adventures of trying to live a healthier lifestyle whilst trying to build an empire, date, have a social life, a wonderful mom, great daughter , etc. Listen to her journey in learning motivation, consistency and all that glitters is not gold. Along with her life-long friend and former trainer Jai Holla, they try and give you the real deal of what it means to live fit. Join the conversation, because no matter the challenge of living a healthier lifestyle, we’ll Face It Together.

Creating Your Tribe

With any change of lifestyle support is needed and welcomed in every way, Jai and Justice go over the tools you can use to create your tribe…

Social Media Hype – FITLife #13

Jai and Justice continued giving pearls of wisdom on the REAL about living a healthier lifestyle, while feeding your soul with laughter….

Help me, Help You! – FIT LIFE # 12

Jai and Justice continued giving pearls of wisdome while feeding your soul with laughter.

FITLife #11

After a long hiatus, trainer Jai Holla and Justice are back talking about what living a F.I.T Life really means.

Welcome to the F.I.T. Life

Jai Holla and JustN are back! We explain where Jai has been, our vision for fitness,the revolution we are trying to begin, and our pet…

No One Told Me Pt 2….

JustN will be continuing on the discussion of the little things no one tells you about but will be found as you began to live a healthier…

No One Told Me…

We are back from the holiday break!! Jai and I are kicking 2015 off with a discussion on the things no one told you would happen, when you…

Staying On Track During the Holidays

We are talking about the temptations and dangers of the holidays, when you are living a healthier lifestyle. No matter the challenge we will…